Online Care Methods

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Nursing care methods used to be distributed on paper until the online care methods were launched in November 2006. The project quickly evolved with the creation of several new themes, in over 600 care methods and 150 care techniques for patient attendants, health and social services aides, and other non-professionals. All the methods have been translated into English and are available on the website.

The OCMs are primarily intended for nurses, nursing assistants, candidates for the practice of the nursing profession (CPNP) and nursing externs. However, they also apply to other health professionals. The OCMs describe, step by step, the clinical approach the care professional should follow to provide the care clients require. The OCMs are an indispensable reference for most health and public social service institutions in Quebec. The product is also available to the private health sector and to health care teaching environments. There are now over 500 subscribers to the online care methods.

The OCMs

  • Are based on conclusive evidence and guidelines
  • Contribute to continuous improvement in the quality of care
  • Help reduce risk of incidents and accidents
  • Promote care continuity in a unit, an institution or between institutions
  • Encourage self-training
  • Are focused on subscriber needs

The online care methods influence how care activities are delivered and are recognized as a reliable source based on factual data. The OCMs are also agents of change since they are based on scientific research and promote the application of care guidelines. The product (content and container) is developed and regularly revised to both address subscriber needs and to innovate.

The subscriber’s experience

The OCM team focuses on providing subscribers a positive experience. Our team members make sure to identify the subscribers’ needs and expectations before adapting the services accordingly. We firmly acknowledge the importance of our subscribers and make every possible effort to maintain their confidence in the product and the team. When communicating with the subscriber, our team members resolve issues with personalized responses. We want subscribers to feel valued after contacting the OCM team.